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Top 15 Taylor Swift Wedding Songs for Your Unforgettable Day

Taylor Swift’s music transcends mere entertainment, weaving tales of love, dreams, and heartfelt moments that resonate with listeners worldwide. For couples looking to infuse their wedding day with the lyrical poetry and melodic beauty of Taylor Swift’s songs, this listicle is your quintessential guide. From the first steps down the aisle to the last dance, here are 15 Taylor Swift wedding songs that promise to elevate your celebration into an unforgettable romantic narrative.

1. “Love Story” – Ceremony Entrance

Lyrics to Highlight: “Marry me, Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone. I love you, and that’s all I really know.”

“Love Story” is a quintessential anthem for romantics at heart, with its narrative weaving through themes of love conquering all. Its melody ushers in the ceremony with an air of timeless romance, reminiscent of fairy tales yet grounded in the reality that love requires courage and defiance. As the bride or couple makes their entrance, these lyrics resonate, promising a future written together, making it a perfect soundtrack for the beginning of a lifelong love story.

2. “You Are In Love” – First Dance

Lyrics to Highlight: “You can hear it in the silence, silence, you can feel it on the way home, way home, you are in love, true love.”

The subtlety and depth of “You Are In Love” make it an exquisite choice for the first dance. Taylor Swift captures the essence of profound love—not just in grand gestures but in quiet moments and silent understandings. The song suggests that true love is felt in the mundane, in the silence, and in the journey home. Dancing to these lyrics, couples celebrate not just the love that brought them together but the everyday love that will sustain them.

3. “The Best Day” – Father-Daughter/Mother-Son Dance

Lyrics to Highlight: “I don’t know why all the trees change in the fall, but I know you’re not scared of anything at all.”

“The Best Day” reflects on the unwavering support and love of parents, making it an emotional choice for the father-daughter or mother-son dance. These lyrics, in particular, celebrate the innocence and bravery seen in a child by their parent, and the comfort of knowing that someone always believes in you. It’s a tribute to the lifelong bond and gratitude between parents and their children, encapsulating memories and moments of growing up.

4. “Paper Rings” – Cake Cutting

Lyrics to Highlight: “I like shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper rings.”

The playful and upbeat “Paper Rings” is all about the joy and simplicity of true love. It emphasizes that the value of a relationship isn’t in material wealth but in the choice to be together, through thick and thin.

This song is perfect for the cake-cutting ceremony, as it’s a moment of celebration and sweetness, embodying the song’s message that love is the greatest treasure. Its light-heartedness brings a smile, making the cake cutting even more memorable.

5. “Lover” – Last Dance

Lyrics to Highlight: “Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close forever and ever?”

“Lover” stands out as a modern classic, weaving a tapestry of intimacy, commitment, and a request for perpetual closeness. These lyrics invite couples to envision a future of togetherness, making it a poignant selection for the last dance.

As the night draws to a close, dancing to “Lover” reaffirms the day’s promises and looks forward to a lifetime of shared paths. Its romantic melody and heartfelt lyrics wrap the wedding day with a promise of endless love.

6. “Wildest Dreams” – Wedding Photoshoot

Lyrics to Highlight: “Say you’ll remember me, standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe.”

“Wildest Dreams” carries a sense of bittersweet longing and intense love that’s almost cinematic, making it a fitting soundtrack for a wedding photoshoot. The ethereal and dreamy quality of the song can inspire couples to create lasting memories in front of the camera.

The lyrics, especially the mentioned line, evoke a picturesque and timeless moment—perfect for capturing the couple in their finest attire, against the backdrop of a setting sun. It encourages embracing the present, immortalizing the love and beauty of the wedding day in photographs that will be cherished forever.

7. “Begin Again” – Pre-Ceremony Ambiance

Lyrics to Highlight: “And for the first time, what’s past is past.”

“Begin Again” speaks to the theme of new beginnings and the hopeful start of a new chapter, which resonates deeply with the essence of a wedding. Playing this song as guests arrive and settle in sets a tone of anticipation and renewal.

It reminds everyone that a wedding is not just a celebration of love but also a moment to leave the past behind and look forward to creating new memories together. The gentle melody and reflective lyrics of “Begin Again” prepare the hearts of guests and the couple for the emotional and transformative experience of the ceremony that follows.

8. “New Year’s Day” – Post-Vows Moment

Lyrics to Highlight: “I want your midnights, but I’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year’s Day.”

In the quiet aftermath of the vows, “New Year’s Day” encapsulates the commitment to stand by each other, not only during the grand moments but also through the mundane and challenging times. This song underlines the promise of enduring love, making it an excellent choice for the post-vows moment.

It’s a reminder that the wedding day is just the beginning of a journey that will include both celebrations and ordinary days, and the true essence of marriage is the willingness to face all aspects of life together.

9. “Enchanted” – Grand Reception Entrance

Lyrics to Highlight: “This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go. I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.”

“Enchanted” is a song that captures the magical feeling of falling in love at first sight, filled with awe and anticipation. Using it for the grand reception entrance allows the couple to re-create that moment of initial enchantment for their guests.

The song’s build-up to a lush, captivating chorus mirrors the excitement and joy of being introduced as married partners for the first time. It sets an upbeat and exhilarating tone for the reception, inviting guests to share in the couple’s happiness and the promise of a night filled with celebration.

10. “Everything Has Changed” (feat. Ed Sheeran) – Introduction of the Couple

Lyrics to Highlight: “All I know is we said, ‘Hello.’ And your eyes look like coming home.”

“Everything Has Changed” is a duet that speaks to the transformative power of meeting someone who changes your world. Utilizing this song for the introduction of the couple at the reception highlights the journey of their relationship—from the first meeting to the profound connection they share now.

The lyrics resonate with the idea that, through love, two people can find a sense of belonging and home in each other. This song is perfect for marking the moment the couple steps into their reception, symbolizing the start of their new life together with all the changes and beautiful possibilities that lie ahead.

11. “Sparks Fly” – Reception Dance Floor Opener

Lyrics to Highlight: “Drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain, kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain.”

“Sparks Fly” is a song bursting with energy and excitement, capturing the electric feeling of a new relationship. Its lively beat and vivid imagery make it the perfect anthem to open the dance floor at the reception. This song invites guests to join in the celebration, embodying the joy and passion that mark the beginning of the couple’s journey together.

It sets a precedent for a night filled with dancing, love, and unforgettable moments, encouraging everyone to let loose and enjoy the celebration to the fullest.

12. “Invisible String” – Background Music for Dinner/Reception

Lyrics to Highlight: “And isn’t it just so pretty to think all along there was some invisible string tying you to me?”

“Invisible String” is a beautifully contemplative song that explores the serendipitous connections between two people, suggesting that an “invisible string” ties them together through various events and decisions. Playing this song during dinner or as background music at the reception adds a layer of introspection and gratitude to the atmosphere.

It’s a reminder of the unseen forces and coincidences that have led to this moment, celebrating the journey that brought the couple together and the shared path they are now embarking on.

13. “Cornelia Street” – Late-Night Dance

Lyrics to Highlight: “And I hope I never lose you, hope it never ends, I’d never walk Cornelia Street again.”

“Cornelia Street” captures the fear of losing something precious and the deep emotional investment in a relationship. As a late-night dance option, this song speaks to the couple’s enduring commitment to each other, acknowledging the vulnerability that comes with profound love.

The reflective mood of “Cornelia Street” offers a moment for the couple and guests to slow down and savor the closeness and intimacy of the relationship, making it an ideal choice for a more introspective, sentimental dance towards the end of the night.

14. “Daylight” – Farewell/Exit Song

Lyrics to Highlight: “I’ve been sleeping so long in a 20-year dark night, and now I see daylight, I only see daylight.”

Ending the wedding on a note of hope and renewal, “Daylight” reflects the optimism of stepping into a new chapter together. The song’s lyrics about leaving the darkness behind and embracing the daylight resonate with the journey of a couple who have faced challenges and come out stronger.

Using “Daylight” as the farewell or exit song symbolizes the couple’s readiness to embark on their future, filled with love and light. It’s a powerful message to end the celebration, leaving a lasting impression of resilience and hope as the newlyweds venture into their life together.

15. “This Love” – Bouquet Toss

Lyrics to Highlight:“This love is good, this love is bad, this love is alive back from the dead.”

This switch offers a song that encapsulates the enduring and resilient nature of love, making it an ideal soundtrack for the bouquet toss. The lyric emphasizes that love, much like the tradition of the bouquet toss, is about hope, continuity, and the belief in love’s return, even through ups and downs.

It’s a celebration of love’s ability to revive and flourish, making it a perfect moment of anticipation and excitement as the bouquet sails through the air, symbolizing the passing on of love’s legacy.


Taylor Swift’s songs offer a rich tapestry of emotions and stories, making them perfect for every wedding moment. From the first dance to the final farewell, her lyrics capture the essence of love, commitment, and celebration, ensuring your special day is as enchanting and memorable as her music.

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